About Us and Our Properties

We are all about peace…

And what better way to attain that coveted peace and quiet than on your own land, nestled in a secluded and quiet spot in the midst of breath-taking natural beauty?

Peaces of Land can help you find just that, regardless of the size of your bank account.

We are an online destination dedicated to providing you the best stress-free, trustworthy, land buying experience so that you can escape to your own peace on earth.

Our goal is to help you safely invest in properties that are beautiful, have absolutely no title issues, and are instantly worth more than what you paid — ensuring that every penny invested is the best idea you’ve ever had!

We do this by performing extensive title research, property inspections, and wholesale pricing. We want to ensure every property we sell is a wise investment.

How can we do it?

Because our property buying criteria is so strict that every year we reject more properties than we buy.

We want our business together leaving you feeling so confident in your investment that you will want to give us another opportunity to “wow” you again with your next land purchase.

Our Financing Terms

We keep our financing terms simple:

  • No interest
  • Low payments
  • No qualifying

The reason we can promise this is because you are buying directly from us.

No banks, no applications, and no hidden fees.

The reason we DO this is not only because it helps our customers to achieve the dream of being land owners, but also because we recognize our limitations.

We are not a huge bank with multimillion-dollar security features in place. To charge interest, run your credit history, or see how much money you make, we would be required by law to take all of your highly-sensitive personal information (social security number, pay stubs, etc.).

But we want to limit your exposure to the evil information-stealers of the world. So, we structured our business so as never to require your social security number. When we need to receive payments from you, we leverage highly secure online payment services, whose sole focus is to keep your payment information completely safe.

What Our Buyers Are Saying

My buying experience with this company has been nothing but exemplary. Financing is easy, and payments can easily fit within any budget. The parcels of land that are available have amazing views and amazing prices. There is nothing more that I can say other than this company is 100% top notch!

Johnathen F. – Rehoboth Beach, DE

While I was searching Craigslist, I came upon Justin’s property ad. I had my doubts, as we would not meet face to face during the entire deal, but I was pleasantly surprised by his excellent services, wonderful attitude, promptness, and compassion. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I recommend his services to anyone.

Irma A. – Klamath Falls, OR